Well now...

2008-02-28 18:29:24 by Jayblin

I see you've stumbled onto my user page. Interesting.

I hope you enjoy your stay, although I'm left questioning exactly what is your purpose here? Did I offend you in a forum post? Did I say something of interest? Do you hate people whose names start with a "J" and end with an "ayblin"?

I'll never know what it is you crazy kids find so damn amusing. Always posting what happened in your day of school to the BBS, expecting everyone to care that you touched a girl's breast, or got into a fight with a trendy bastard, or are shunned from everyone else believing it's everyone else's fault for being so incompetent.

Anyway, you should be doing some homework. I think your mother will be very upset seeing you here.

*This post has not been approved by Squidward Tentacles*

Well now...


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2008-02-28 19:08:20

I was just lured here by your "Calvin and Hobbes" icon. And if you touch a girl like that, she'd probably kill you.


2008-03-03 00:29:41

I came here after you fell upon my page. It seemed only right for me to leave you a comment, as you left one for me. =D

Maybe they need to tell someone, because no one else wants to listen? Here there is a high chance that SOMEBODY will HAPPEN to glance at it.
That is the story for many, anyway.

And thanks for the help with the picture saving.


(P.S. Very fllattering Squidward picture. X3)


2008-03-08 23:28:02

hey, hey, i know you, your the guy in the.....window


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